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February 2005

Will's mom had called him when she received the news of Kory's death. Even though Peter and Will had stopped speaking ever since their falling out during sophomore year, Inez Porter had kept in touch with her son's best friend. She felt as if she'd practically raised him and was grateful that Will didn't resent the contact she maintained. Although she was careful to be vague when it came to sharing news of how Peter was doing in his life, when Peter called to tell her about the accident, she knew that her son would want to know.

Now, as Will walked into the church for the service, he wondered what he was doing there. It had been over a decade since he had seen Peter face to face, and he wasn't quite sure what he would feel seeing him again under these circumstances. Peter and Kory had been together for seven years. According to Inez, Peter had worshipped the ground Kory walked on and the two of them were married in the eyes of everyone who knew them. Will couldn't help wondering if he should have made an effort to make up with Peter. At least then he would have known the deceased and wouldn't feel so awkward about showing up at his funeral. He immediately felt guilty for the selfish thought. The last thing that mattered right then was his own comfort. He was there to pay his respects.

Will spotted Peter standing by the casket and had to stop for a moment. The last time he'd seen him, they'd both been baby-faced teens. He knew that time would have changed them both, but to actually see his friend looking so mature made him realize just how long he'd allowed the separation to last. There was so much he wanted to make up for, but there would be time later for such things. For now, he would take a seat and wait to approach Peter after the service. Before Will could slip into one of the pews, though, Peter looked over and caught his eye. There was a mixture of disbelief and gratitude in his expression, and it made Will's heart ache to see it. He had missed him so much.

The two of them walked towards one another, meeting in the middle of the aisle. Will stood awkwardly, not sure what to say or do, until Peter wrapped his arms around him and hugged him tightly.

"Will... Thank you for coming," he whispered. "I... God, I'm glad you're here."

Returning the hug was the most natural thing in the world to do, and Will closed his eyes as everything he and Peter had been through together came rushing back in a flood of memories.

"I'm so sorry, Pete," Will said, his eyes starting to burn as tears threatened. He wasn't just giving his condolences for Kory. He was apologizing for being such a stupid, stubborn fool. He was apologizing for letting his own denial come between him and the man who had never asked for anything from him yet had always been there to give whatever was needed.

Peter nodded as he released him and took Will's hand, holding onto it tightly. "Your mom told me you might come but I didn't want to hope..."

Will squeezed Peter's hand. There was so much he wanted to say and to ask, but this wasn't the time or the place for catching up with a dear friend. He nodded towards the front pew as more people began to enter the church.

"Let me sit with you," Will said softly, "and then maybe later, if you want, we can..."

"Okay," Peter said, not caring what Will was about to suggest.

Will gave him a little smile, then, still gripping his hand, walked with him to take their seats.

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The man in the red plaid suit was carrying a penguin and asking for directions to the local opera house. Will passed him, a curious frown on his face, but he didn't stop to tell him that the opera house had burned down three years ago. There was something Will had to do, something pressing, and he didn't have time to stop and help a tourist. His pace quickened slightly, and while he wanted to run, he couldn't seem to get his feet to move fast enough to propel himself forward. In fact, the more he tried to run, the more he slowed down until he was actually starting to go backwards. When he saw the man in the plaid suit again, he knew that he had to fix this or he'd never get to his appointment. Gritting his teeth, he waved to a passing camel and explained that his boyfriend was just on the other side of that hill. Being friendly, as some camels are wont to do when they come across men in jeopardy, the creature told Will to climb on. The wind was warm as it whipped against Will's face. They were going so fast, Will was afraid that he would miss what he was looking for. Just as they zipped past his intended target, Will shouted at the camel to stop, but it couldn't hear him and carried him away from the man he loved.

Will awoke with a start and reached out to make sure his lover was actually there. Feeling the warm body made him both sigh with relief and laugh at the fact that he'd insisted on eating that last stuffed pepper at dinner. They always made him have the strangest dreams. Snuggling up behind the slim form, Will wrapped an arm around the other man's waist and pressed his body against him. As he closed his eyes and slowly drifted off to sleep again, he hoped his boyfriend would actually star in his next dream.


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