Jan. 7th, 2007

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From Ray.

Does Not play well with others
Ooh, you're a dark one. Sitting in the corner, singing to yourself, playing with matches and twitching. Most of the time you instinctively avoid company, and if you're forced into close proximity, things do not go well. You can probably stop stabbing that teddybear now. It's not going anywhere.
What's your malfunction?

I liked the music playing on the webpage, I do so own the ball, and I play just fine with others. Ask Orlando.

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So I couldn't make all my entries this weekend because we were with Mom, but I'll just make this one count for Saturday and today. She's now the proud mama of a little dog and a little cat. When we went to the shelter, we were told that they'd been raised together and their owner had just passed away. We couldn't bear the thought of separating them. Mom was so happy to get her new babies, and now they have a good home with a woman who is going to spoil them rotten. The dog is Pepper (a grey and white terrier mix) and the cat is Hattie (a calico). I'll have to take pictures the next time I visit because I didn't think to do it this time. Mom's very happy, though.

We have a new member of the family, too (another kitty! - pictures to come) :-D and Orli made a donation to the shelter to save some more babies. There's something really sexy about a man who wants to save animals. (To quote Marge Simpson, tonight I'm going to snuggle your brains out, you sweet man.)

Hmm, what do I love today? Besides the animal-saving, it's got to be how much fun you are in the car.


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