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Title: Sunshine
Prompt: 089. Smile
Rating/Warnings: G
Word Count: 326
Author's Notes: Will muses about his boyfriend.

I haven't lived a long life, and I can admit that I don't know everything I'd like to. There are a lot of things that I haven't seen or done, and sometimes I feel as if I'm the littlest fish in the biggest pond. But there are a few things of which I am very certain.

I know that love is a real thing and not just physiological responses to stimuli. Thinking about him makes my heart beat faster, sure, but my brain tells me, quite logically, that he's everything I've ever wanted in a partner. I know that he has one of the biggest, kindest hearts of anyone I've ever known. He enjoys the same activities that I do, I enjoy talking to him and learning from him. His appreciation of things from the modest to the grand is part of what makes him so charming. He's adorable and sweet, as well as sexy and intense, and I can't think of one thing that I don't honestly love about him. I know that being with him makes me feel so lucky and so wanted. And I know that when he smiles at me, I feel as if there isn't anything else in the world that matters.

The first time he smiled at me, I felt as if I had finally been reunited with a long lost friend. It was bright and welcoming, so genuine it made me want to wrap my arms around him and never let go. People talk about a smile lighting up someone's face or lighting up a room. That barely covers what I see when we're together again after some time apart and he looks so happy to see me I want to melt. He's pure, unadulterated sunshine, just as warm and brilliant as a clear summer's day. I know I can go through anything as long as I have his smile to keep me warm.

And then there's his laugh...
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Title: Wedding Day
Word Count: 702
Rating/Warnings: PG
Author's Notes: Will reminisces about his wedding day.

Wedding Day )
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Title: Dinner
Rating/Warnings: G
Author's Notes: Will and his wife Talia.

His day had been long and chaotic, so when Will sat down to dinner, he was relieved to finally have the chance to relax. He ate heartily, drank an extra glass of wine, and soon pushed away his empty plate.

Talia looked at him, a smirk on her face as she sipped her wine. "Full?"

"Yep," Will smiled contentedly as he rubbed his stomach.

"How was it?"

"Good," he said, pouring himself a glass of water.

"Good?" Shaking her head, Talia put down her glass and glared at him. "You're incredible, you know that?"

Glass paused on the way to his lips, Will stared at her. "What? What did I do?"

"What did you have for dinner, Will?"

He narrowed his eyes, wondering if this was a trick question. More than likely, Talia was PMSing. Will knew better than to try and figure her out when that was happening.

"I had roast beef and gravy," he said slowly, "with those little white potatoes I like."

"Uh huh. What else?"

"Green beans with slivered almonds," Will said, thinking for a moment. "Oh, and spinach salad." He hoped he hadn't missed anything.

"You've had that meal before, Will."

Will looked at her again, as if the answer to what he was doing wrong would suddenly appear on her forehead.

"I have," he agreed. The odds were she was right.


Taking a sip of water, Will hoped to buy himself some time. "Last month..."

"It's what you ordered the night you officially proposed to me, Will," Talia said, getting up from the table and starting to clear the dishes.

"What? Why would you..." Then it dawned on him. "Oh, baby," he said softly, getting up and going over to her. "Happy Anniversary, sweetheart." He hugged her tightly around the waist, then let go with a yelp when she jabbed him in the arm with a serving fork.

"I expect that bracelet I want on my wrist by tomorrow, Will," she said as she headed to the kitchen, making Will wince a little. Buying the bracelet in question meant returning the new Italian loafers and silk ties he'd just bought himself.

"Um, Talia," he said, going into the kitchen. "Would I still be in trouble if I'd told you dinner was very good?"

He ducked when the butter dish hit the wall next to his head.

392 words
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Title: Vocabulary Lesson
Rating/Warnings: G
Author's Notes: Will, age 4

Will stared wide-eyed at the man's hands. No matter how closely he watched him, Will couldn't figure out how the man made the quarter disappear. Then, when he reached behind Will's ear and pulled it out, the young boy stared at the silver coin and smiled brightly.

"Mommy, how'd he do that?" he asked, tugging on his mother's hand. When she crouched down next to him, he hugged her neck and kissed her cheek. "How'd he do that?" he repeated.

"It's magic, sweetie," Inez Porter replied, smiling at her son's wonder.

"What's magic?"

"What you just saw," she laughed. "What would you call it?"

Will thought carefully about his answer, then looked at her with a very serious expression on his little face.

"I would call it something that should not happen." He watched as the man did the same trick with another little boy. "A quarter should not come out of his ear!" He laughed and clapped his hands.

"That's exactly what magic is, sweetheart," Inez said, hugging her son. "Making the impossible possible."

"Impossle possle," Will nodded.

Inez gently turned Will to face her. "Im...poss...i...ble," she said slowly, correcting him. "Repeat it, baby."


"That's right."

"Magic is impossible possible," Will said slowly, then looked at his mother, proud of himself for using his new words. "Impossible possible means it should not happen?"

"Impossible means it shouldn't happen, but possible means it can happen."

Will frowned at her, and Inez could tell her boy was carefully considering what she had said.

"Magic makes something that should not happen able to happen?"

"That's right," Inez said, gently tousling Will's hair. She was always struck by how quickly he was able to pick things up. It was a trait Will's father couldn't appreciate in his son.

"Impossible possible," Will sighed, a pleased smile on his face as he continued to watch the magician's tricks. "I want to do it, Mommy."

"You want to learn some magic tricks, baby?" Inez asked, rising to her feet and taking Will's hand.

"Yes," he said firmly as they started walking away. "I want to do magic on Daddy."

Inez bit back a laugh. "You do? You think Daddy needs magic?"

Will looked up at his mother and grinned. "I can make him not mad anymore. Impossible possible."

383 words
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Will's in a comm for OCs: [livejournal.com profile] bodyandsoul100.

Here be the table for it, matey:

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