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[ooc: Will and I didn't want to set up anything specific without finalizing with muns/pups first, so feel free to run into him here, even if you don't know him and are just in the New York area. Hell, even if you just want to run by and shout "dork!" at him, feel free.

BTW, Christine, Eve and Billie can assume he called them :-) No rush or time limit, so no worries if you're busy/not interested.]

Will was staying in a hotel in Manhattan while he was there for his adventure of meeting his new friends. He'd called everyone who'd shown interest in meeting him but with whom he hadn't had a chance to finalize any plans for meeting. His messages had been short and basically said he'd be in the lounge and bar area. If they didn't catch him there, they could reach him on his cell.

Nursing a scotch, sitting at the bar and looking at the people who came in, Will felt happy to just be there. He loved New York. If he didn't miss Kevin so much, he'd probably stay for another week. For now, though, he'd enjoy the time he had left and keep people watching.
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When Will had talked to Ynez about dancing, he'd been kidding around, but the more he thought about it, the more he got a kick out of the idea. It would be a fun way to get to know her and spend some time breaking the ice, plus, he'd have the benefit of showing off for Kevin once he got home. The only thing he wasn't sure about was whether or not it would be too short notice to do anything like that.

The only real plans they had were to meet up in Central Park and then figure out what they wanted to do from there. As he doublechecked that he was in the right spot, he took a seat on a bench to wait. He hoped that she wouldn't think he was crazy if he suggested a little booty shaking, but if that didn't work out, he was very interested in seeing some of the local museums with her. He had a feeling she'd be an excellent guide.
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Will knew that if he lived in New York, he'd want to live in the Village. Or Soho. Or any of the trendy places he'd heard about when he was growing up. Part of that was due to the fact that his father had railed against any place "those people" gathered ("those people" being pretty much anyone young and hip enough to gather in places like the Village and Soho), and part was something Will found romantic and wonderful about the idea of living there. He and about a zillion other people, he knew.

As he made his way to the small café where he was meeting Wes, he wondered just how much things had changed since he was a kid, and whether or not this was somewhere Kevin had ever considered living. His musings rolled to stop when he reached the café, though, and a little bout of nerves set in. He always felt nervous when he was about to meet new people. Walking inside, he spotted an empty table and made his way to it to wait. He was relieved that he'd gotten there first.


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