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Sandy had been called and had promised she would pack up Will's things for him and forward them to the house in Connecticut. Will also had some boxes in storage, put there when he realized that Kevin wasn't really interested in making room for all his things. To be fair, Will knew he had a lot of stuff and it was Kevin's home, after all.

He frowned when he realized he'd just defended Kevin to himself. The same Kevin who'd beaten him up and...everything else.

"Jesus Christ," he muttered, feeling the first stirrings of anger start to surface. He pushed them back down and picked up the phone to call Peter.

"About time you called, super star," Peter greeted him. "How'd it go? When are you coming home? I've got something you need to see."

"Tomorrow," Will said, not even hearing the last part.

"Good. Your mom's been calling me every five minutes to see if I've heard from you."

Will closed his eyes and settled further under the covers. "Pete, I need to tell you something and you have to promise not to freak out."
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Visitors gone, Will found himself with far too much time to think about the day's events. The emotional highs and lows he'd managed to experience in the last twenty-four hours had left him as bruised as the physical injuries Kevin had inflicted on him. How could he be blissfully happy one moment and then terrified and beaten down the next? He shook his head, wishing he could stop trying to figure out what or how to feel. There were things that needed to be sorted out.

Calling his mother and his best friend still had to be done, as did calling Sandy and asking her to get his things from the loft. He'd asked the police if she'd be allowed in and they'd said she could get his clothes and whatever personal items he had there since the crime scene had already been investigated. There was one more person he needed to contact, but he was most hesitant to let her know what happened. Iris was friends with both him and Kevin, and Will was concerned what her reaction would be. No matter what Kevin had done to him, Will didn't want him hurt more than he already was.

The other calls could wait. Will knew he needed to do this. Clearing his throat, he said Iris's name out loud, hoping that she'd show up.
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ooc: Orli's interview and Logan's interview.

"Mr. Porter?"

Will looked at the man who had entered his hospital room, swallowing nervously as he nodded. The police had told him they were taking Orlando and Logan to the station to be interviewed about what had happened to Kevin, and Will was terrified that Kevin's colleagues would find a way to hold the both of them.

"I'm Detective Connelly," the man smiled. He looked friendly enough, as if he wanted to have a harmless converstaion with Will. "I just wanted to ask you a few questions about what happened with Officer Strasser."

Nodding again, Will folded his hands on his lap. "Okay."

"How're you feeling?" the detective asked, pulling a chair up beside the bed. "I spoke to your doctor and he said you were pretty banged up and they're keeping you overnight for observation. I can see some of it," he said, indicating the bruises to Will's face and head.

"I'll be okay," Will said softly. He really wanted Orli there. "Are they still talking to Orlando and Logan?"

"My colleagues are, yes," Connelly said, still smiling as he took out a small notebook and a pen. "Since this case involves an officer, we've got a lot of men working on this. Why don't you tell me what happened when you went to see Officer Strasser?"

Will began to relate how he had gone to Kevin's with the intention of moving out that night. His voice faltered a little as he began to describe Kevin's abuse, and when he came to the assault, he stopped completely.

"The doctor told me that Officer Strasser sexually assaulted you," the detective said softly. "That your injuries are consistent with an attack and not a consensual encounter."

"Mmm hmm," Will said, looking down at his hands. "Orli and Logan saved my life, Detective Connelly," he whispered. "Please, don't arrest them. Kevin was going to kill me."

"That's what they said at the scene, apparently," Connelly nodded. "We've also got a weapon registered to Strasser at the scene and an incident involving an unauthorized use of force just a few days earlier."

"Are we in trouble?" Will asked him, eyes wide as he finally looked at him.

"Mr. Porter, why did you call Mr. Bloom instead of the police when Strasser attacked you?"

"I...I had his number programmed in my phone. I couldn't tell which numbers I was dialing."

"So you just punched a number and hoped for the best?" the detective asked, raising an eyebrow.

Will knew how ridiculous that sounded, but that's exactly what had happened. "Detective," he says, his voice a little stronger, "Kevin had me pinned to the bed, on my stomach. I managed to get the phone out of my pocket and I hit a number that I hoped was either Logan or Orlando. I didn't have the chance to dial 9-1-1."

"Why didn't your friends call the police when they got to your place?"

"You'll have to ask them," Will frowned, "but if I were to hazard a guess, I'd say the fact that a crazy man had a gun to my head might have distracted them a little."

Connelly cracked a small smile and scribbled in his notebook. "Could be," he said.

"Detective, I know that we're in trouble because a police officer was shot, but Kevin was going to kill me and then himself. I have no doubt that he would have killed Orlando and Logan, too. But Orlando shot him before he could kill me. If he hadn't done it, I know Logan would have."

"You and Mr. Bloom are romantically involved, aren't you?"

Will blinked. "How do..."

"Strasser told us. He said he had you followed and uncovered evidence that you and Mr. Bloom were having an affair."

"So that makes it okay?" Will asked, raising his voice a little. "Kevin can kick my ass and rape me because I'm seeing someone else? He can threaten to kill me and my friends? Or is it just okay because he's a cop?"

His expression now sober, Connelly shook his head when Will stopped talking. "Mr. Porter, it's our job to look at every angle and determine what really happened. Based on witness interviews, I believe that you were the victim of an assault and that your friends saved you before you were killed."

"Then why are you making it sound--"

"Charges are going to be brought against Officer Strasser, Mr. Porter. I'm sure his defense will do anything in his or her power to paint this as a crime of passion in which Strasser is the wronged party. If it goes to trial and you're willing to testify, everything will come out. You have to be prepared for that."

Will looked at him, feeling helpless to do anything but make sure Kevin was locked up.

"There is the chance that Strasser will confess to everything in order to make a deal," Connelly said. "He knows how the system works."

"You think he'll do that?" Will asked hopefully.

"I'll let you know," Connelly smiled. "In the meantime, you take care of healing up, okay?"

"Yes, sir," Will whispered, watching as the man walked out of his room.

A little while later, Detective Connelly called to tell Will that Kevin had indeed made a full confession and there would be no need to go to trial. Letting out a relieved sigh, Will thanked him and asked when he'd be able to see Orlando and Logan.
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ooc: Violence warning. This is a stand alone post, so if you're inclined to comment, please OOC only. Thanks :-D

Will looked at the door to the loft he shared with Kevin, took a deep breath and closed his eyes for a moment. You can do this. Just pretend that everything is fine. You can do this. When he opened his eyes again, he didn't feel any better and would have given anything to turn right around and head back to the hotel where Orlando was waiting for him. But he couldn't. He needed to do this.
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After this.

Will had settled on making reservations at a hotel downtown. It's closer to Kevin's place than their original destination, but still far enough away for Will to not run into anyone he knows from the neighborhood. He doesn't feel like explaining what's going on if someone doesn't already know.

The room's comfortable and pretty, and Will has to admit he wouldn't mind hiding out here with Orli for a good long time. But he can't. Soon enough, he'll have to head over to Kevin's loft, but once that's all done, he'll be free.

Their bags are put in the bedroom, and Will immediately flops onto the kingsize bed with a sigh.
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After this.

Before Will had left New York, he'd emailed his friends to let them know he was heading back to Seattle. Along with the flight information, he'd informed those who knew about the situation with Kevin that he'd be making his move today and had asked them to think good thoughts.

Now, as the plane arrived at its gate, he felt a little foolish. It wasn't as if he was going to war or anything, and he worried that he was being overly dramatic. Still, as the seatbelt sign was turned off and the passengers were given permission to use their cellphones, Will was eager to call Logan and see if he could still make it out there. Will knew that sometimes things came up, and he was prepared for that. Smiling at Orli, Will hit Logan's speed dial number and waited.
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They'd gotten a late start. Between sleeping through the alarm, his mom wanting to send them off with a big brunch, and waiting in line for security, Will had been worried about them missing their flight. But they made it just fine, and now as Will settles in his seat with a drink and smiles at Orlando, he's relieved to finally be on his way to taking the last step toward ending a bad chapter in his life.

"How're you doing, Jon?" he asks, referring to the name on Orli's ID. He'd never thought about what a pain it would be to have a famous face and try to fly with all the increased scrutiny, but he'd been impressed with the way Orlando had handled it.


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