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I've had this journal for a year (yesterday). When I started it, I wasn't sure that I'd keep it for long. Sandy was the one who convinced me to get it, and I'm glad I did. I've met some great friends through it, and I've met the love of my life. I'm confident that the next year is going to bring more wonderful things.

The 9th is going to be a year since I joined that writing community. It's been pretty neat and I've actually responded to every writing prompt every week, plus a few old ones.

Most importantly, the 1st marked six months since the very first time I kissed my beautiful boy.
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Because they were both leery of causing a scene, Will had agreed to meet Orli in the parking lot, and Sandy had agreed to just meet up with them at a later time. A quick call once his plane had landed, and Will knows exactly where he needs to go. He's practically running as he races from the plane, determined to get to Orlando as quickly as possible.

Once he finds the lot where Orli parked, he sees the SUV, and his heart starts pounding in anticipation of seeing his lover.
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There are two types of people in the world: those who are predominantly storytellers and those who are predominantly listeners. I think I'm in the latter category. I love it when someone sits down and tells me stories about their life. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I don't really have anything good to tell anyone, but most of it has to do with the fact that I genuinely find people fascinating. I like imagining the lives they've led or realizing just what events in their lives made them into the people I know today. It's not just friends I like talking to, either. Strangers in airports or on airplanes are actually pretty cool when you sit down and listen to them.

I do tend to be more of a storyteller with Orli, but that's because we just talk about all sorts of stuff together and end up telling each other stories - as it should be for sweethearts! So, that doesn't count in my little observation (though I could sit and listen to him tell me about his life for hours. Do you have any idea how cool he is? (Baby, do you know how cool you are?) Plus, I think his voice is damn sexy. Yum.).

The best people to talk to are older folks. I know it's a cliché, but they really are little pieces of living history. Maybe when I'm 85 I'll turn into more of a storyteller. Yeah, picture me surrounded by great grandchildren, telling them about the olden days when we listened to music on these obsolete things called mp3 players. (Then they all run to Grandpa Orli because he'll take them jet skiing and not just sit around yakking all day like Poopa Will. Whippersnappers.)

Hmm, Orli's birthday is coming up in a couple of days. I'm thinking a quiet dinner for two followed by lots of nudity. I kind of like when it's just the two of us. [locked from Orlando] Wink, wink. [/locked]

Oh! I talked to Sandy and she's psyched to meet up in L.A. and fly back with me. She said she misses Wendell. Frankly, I think she misses him more than me. But can you really blame her? He's precious.
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I've started seeing the guy Dr. Irving recommended. I've been feeling so much better about everything, lately, but I'm doing this as a way to make sure I'm really ready to be married again. Does that sound weird? I'd think that proposing to the man I want to spend the rest of my life with would be the first clue that I am ready. But I'm scared because I don't want to screw this up. I haven't said anything to Orlando yet because I want to see how things go. Once I'm certain it'll help, I'll tell him.

Anyway, his name's David Blackney, he specializes in marriage and family therapy like Janice, and he reminds me of Mr. Rogers. He's very soft spoken, grandfatherly and wears a sweater. I actually got the Mr. Rogers theme song stuck in my head after our first session. Oy.

So far we've just been talking about my first marriage. It's a little strange to remember so many of the issues I had with Talia, and it's such a relief to go home to Orlando after it's all over. I don't feel overly emotional when I think about it, but I don't like dwelling on what's probably the biggest mistake of my life. He said he wants to talk about my other relationships, too, and what makes this one different enough for me to make this kind of commitment. Gee, talking about Kevin's going to be fun. There was actually a time when I considered marrying him - or thought about considering it, anyway - and knowing that scares the shit out of me. I was so caught up in him, and while it wasn't nearly as intense as what I feel for Orli, it was serious. And I couldn't have been more wrong about who he was. I know David's going to make me talk about the break up and the rape attack. I just hope it's quick. If he wants to start talking about Dad and the abuse, I'll just refer him to Janice. I'm not interested in going down that road with anyone but Orli, and that's only if he ever asks me about it.

I have to call Sandy this week. I'd like to arrange for her to meet me in L.A. when I'm ready to fly back to New York so we can take the same flight back. It'll be good to see her and I can explain in person that her being hired will be contingent on Orli meeting her and feeling that he can trust her to do the job. She's a smart woman so I'm sure she won't be expecting anything less


Jan. 8th, 2007 05:47 pm
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[locked from Orlando]

I called Ray's boss today to see if he could get time off for Orli's party. Man, Ray wasn't kidding about that guy. He was gruff, no nonsense, and had no idea who Orlando is. I heard him ask someone there (a secretary, assistant, fellow officer maybe?), then I heard a lot of chatter before he got back on the phone. He said, and I have to quote this because it made me giggle, "Apparently, some of my female staff have heard of him." Then he asked who I was, and once it was established that I wasn't some nutball (not an easy feat, you know), he finally heard me out.

I explained that Ray and I are acquaintances (I didn't want to say friends in case it sounded too casual) and that I'm concerned about problems with the press at Orlando's party. I told him I wanted to know if he could please allow Ray to fly out and act as security for Orli since I already know and trust him. He said he'd discuss it with Ray and thanked me for my call. I'm not sure if that's good or bad. Anyway, he seemed like a decent guy and I'm pretty sure he'll give the okay for Ray. I'm going to make a donation to the Chicago Police Department Memorial Foundation regardless.


Birds of a feather really do flock together, don't they? I was thinking about Mom and her friends today (no particular reason other than general musing) and it occurred to me that they're so different, but so alike. If anyone ever got on their bad side, they'd probably rip them apart as a group. It's a little frightening how vicious females can be when they gather. It makes me very, very happy to no longer be married to one. I've got some stories about Talia, but they're best saved for a night of drinking with the guys.

I love my mom. She's the sweetest woman I know, but I know she's got a bitchy side to her when she gets pissed off enough. My bitchy side has got to come from her. Like mother, like son. I refuse to believe I have any of my father's temper. He was unnecessarily cruel and I would never dream of doing the things he did when he got angry. Okay, enough talking about Dad. (How's hell, you bastard?)

I heard from Sandy today!! She broke up with what's his name and is thinking of moving out here!! She can't stand HF anymore and is putting out some feelers for the east coast. I have to discuss this with Orli, but I was thinking that maybe she could work for me again. Once we start doing our traveling, we'll need someone to take care of the house and the animals, as well as things like paying the bills, easing our minds in general so we can be gone without worrying about things back home. She's amazing, I adore her, I trust her and I miss her so much! She was the best assistant I ever had.

And randomly: the way Orli squeezes his eyes shut when he laughs makes me want to cover his sweet little face with kisses. There is no one on the planet more adorable than he is.



Nov. 6th, 2006 05:54 pm
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Takes place after this.

So I've started this meditation thing, trying to be more patient and a better person. I've been trying to live a peaceful life, being kinder and gentler to my fellow human beings. It helps that lately I've only wanted to be sweaty and naked with my favorite human being, but that aside, I've been working on being a better man.

Can you believe I think it's starting to pay off? Sort of.

Remember that interview that Kevin was supposed to do with that television station in Seattle? I don't know if the letter he sent me was connected to it in any way - and I really don't care. I didn't read the damn thing and I hope I don't hear from him again. Anyway, the interview is being postponed because Kevin's in the infirmary. According to Sandy, the news reported that a fellow prisoner attacked Kevin. There weren't any more details disclosed, and authorities are chalking it up to Kevin's status as a cop.

I know that I said I didn't want anything to happen to him, and this probably doesn't jibe with my whole "good will to all men" thing, but there's a part of me that's glad this happened. He hurt me. He terrorized me and he made me feel like shit. He threatened my friends and he almost killed me and them. If someone got a little cosmic payback, then more power to them.

The fucker raped me, so maybe someone did that to him. I hope they did. I hate feeling vindictive, but... I wish Orli had killed him. I wish I'd told Iris she could kill him. I wish someone in prison would kill him. I can't stop feeling him on top of me, hearing him telling me he loves me while he's forcing himself inside me, and I hate him for still being with me that way every time I close my goddamn eyes. The only time I get any peace is when I'm with Orlando. It's not just when we're making love. Just spending time with him makes me feel safe and at ease. I'm less anxious and less antsy when I can talk to him, I feel less angry when I can see him. I love him. He makes me happy but he saves me, too. Maybe it's unfair to put all that on him, but I have so much faith in him as a human being as well as a partner. I know people can't understand how quickly things have moved, but I can and I can't be bothered to explain or justify it. I just know I want to be with him in literally every way possible. Right now, Kevin is ruining that because I'm getting hung up on something. I really want to ask Orli to top me because I know it's going to be as amazing as everything else we've done. But I can't. I'm terrified that I'm going to start thinking of Kevin. It hasn't become an issue or anything but I need to get over it before it does. I need to get over it. I need to fucking get over it.

Of course, now that I think about it, maybe I shouldn't be happy that violence was the solution. Unless it was just karma for what he did to me. I'm confused now.
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Mom was on a mission today. I saw her walking through the house with a big black garbage bag and when I asked her what she was doing, she said that she was ridding the house of evil. In case you were wondering, the evil was magazines, tabloids and newspapers. She refuses to let Peter bring over any more, and if they show up, she refuses to let me see them. She's been worried that I keep taking so many things to heart and wants me to be blissfully ignorant. I guess from this moment on I can act as if there's no such thing as nasty gossip and innuendo. I really can't argue with her point that it stresses me out. Plus, I know that assholes will always exist and whatever I feel about them doesn't really matter. All that matters to me is being with Orli, helping him through all of this and seeing what each new day has in store for us. That's all that should have ever mattered and I hate that I wasted so much energy worrying about anything else. It would have helped if I didn't have to defend us to my mom and my best friend. That's the thing that's been getting to me the most, to be honest. What I read only echoed what I know they were thinking. That's a big reason for why I want to move out and get my own place.

Speaking of which, I asked Mom what she'll do when I move out and don't have her to censor my reading material for me. She started asking me why I wanted to move out, etc. I basically told her that I need a place of my own now and I wouldn't be too far away. I couldn't come right out and say that I'd want total privacy when Orlando visits, but I'm pretty sure she got it. I haven't mentioned this to anyone, but I'm thinking of asking Talia if I can buy our old house from her. She and lawyer man are going to get their own house, and since I love the neighborhood and I could get my other boys back, it would work out. I still have to meet with Talia and see what she says, but I'm hopeful.

I forgot to say how my soufflé turned out! According to the lesbians (btw, they do have names: Ann and Helene), it was very good for a first time and if I practice, I'll be great. Oh! I'm going to learn to make Yorkshire pudding, too. I want to be able to do it the next time Orli comes over and A&H are going to help me plan a menu. They really are turning out to be the sisters I wish I had growing up. They're both older than I am (35 and 36), so they're starting to see me as a little brother, too. At least that's how they're starting to treat me, which is kind of funny considering they wanted me to father their kid. What's weird is if they get back on the baby train, I would feel more comfortable saying yes. 'Course, it's easy for me to say since I know they're not ready right now.

Sandy (who really needs to come visit) called me with some news. I won't go into details but a Seattle news station is going to interview Kevin in prison. I'm livid. I want to sue and I want to get a gag order or something but I don't know if I can. Then again, I want to stick by my resolution to ignore all the shit and concentrate on the good stuff. And there's so much more good than bad in this whole thing. So much more.

Okay. I'm officially letting it go. What the hell can he say, anyway? He's as bad as the rest of them (worse, actually), and not worth my time or energy.

I think I need to go meditate. Or drink. Or make a call.


Oct. 6th, 2006 01:52 am
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Sandy called today to see how I was doing. She started crying on the phone and I didn't know what to say. I felt so bad that she was so upset. She's promised to come visit me. Oh, she said that Alex (the man formerly known as "New Boss") was fired for committing lewd acts with his subordinate at the office. She thinks I should contact Big Boss and let him know that it happened to me, too, because he's threatening to sue for discrimination. But I don't want to have anything to do with Seattle ever again. I'm sure he won't win. He screwed around at work. His being fired has nothing to do with his sexuality.

Blade and Wendell are becoming fast friends. Wendell follows Blade everywhere and even tries to imitate the adorable little poses Blade has. It's the funniest thing, and if I didn't see it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it. Mom's spoiling the both of them, calls them her grandchildren and ordered them little doggie tee shirts off the internet. They're the closest she'll get to being a grandmother. Even though I know she's fine with it, sometimes I feel bad that Talia and I didn't have kids. Then again, the custody battle would have been brutal and she would have moved to Iceland just for spite to keep my kid away from me.

Mom just came up to tell me breakfast is ready and asked what I'm typing about. I read it to her (just the second paragraph). I won't say what she said, but she did make me blush.

Oh, I've decided to stop thinking about anything or anyone bad. Less chance of making myself nuts. So I'm just letting myself think about all the things and people that make me happy. It's a surprisingly long list.


Sep. 18th, 2006 05:40 pm
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[locked from Kevin]

I'm leaving him. He called me today, told me why he doesn't trust me but that he refuses to let me go until he's ready for me to leave. When I said I didn't want to see him when he's angry, he threatened Wendell.

I know I've fucked up. I've given him reason not to trust me and while he might not know it for sure, I haven't been completely faithful to him. You know what's funny? When Kevin and I were first together, I never even noticed other men. I had no desire to be with anyone but him. But now... I won't say that Kevin made me do anything. He didn't. His behavior made it easier for me to let someone else in. I still feel guilty, though. And I'm going to keep feeling guilty until Kevin and I are officially over. It's my MO. I even felt guilty throughout my divorce proceedings.

I'm flying home to Seattle after I visit Mom and Peter. Kevin ordered me home the day after I see them and I'm going to comply because I'm very scared for Wendell. I'll go home, I'll play along. I don't know what he's got planned for me, but maybe if I humor him, he'll go to work as usual and then I can leave while he's gone. That's the plan, anyway. I'm just glad Orli's going with me. When I get home, I'll try to get hold of Sandy, too. If I'm leaving town, she should know.
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I'm back. At work, anyway. I've been back home since late Sunday night, and I spent all day Monday snuggling with Kev and reassuring Wendell that I hadn't really abandoned him.

Before I say anything else, I have to thank everyone who took the time to meet me in New York. I had an amazing time! You guys are awesome.

And moving on...

I hate my job. I don't mean to be so negative, but maybe it was the time away that brought it home how unhappy I am here. I love the people I work with, especially Sandy, but I don't feel fulfilled. I know, I'm no different than the majority of people out there who hate their jobs, but... I want to actually do something about it. I've been doing this gig for years, and the only reason I'm even in this game is because I followed my father's plan for my life instead of my own.

But it's not as if I can quit my job and be a bum, and I'm not interested in going from one office job to another. I suppose I'm just feeling a little restless because I had such a good time on my vacation, and now that I'm back I just want to spend all my time with Kevin instead of paperwork. Well, that doesn't even make any sense since he has to go to work during the day, too. Oh, speaking of, we find out tomorrow if he got the job or not. He said the interview went really well, so I'm crossing my fingers that he can get what he wants.

In the meantime, I'll put my nose to the grindstone and get through everything I missed when I was gone. Apparently New Boss has been doing really well and I'm getting the credit for showing him the ropes so well. Color me really confused now. At first I thought he was an idiot who didn't deserve the position, then I thought he was just tricking me to see what I would or could do for him, and now he's making me look good and letting me have the credit for something I didn't really do. I can't figure him out. He wants to take me to lunch today so maybe I'll get a bead on him then. I hope so, anyway. It's all very odd. Sandy said he interrogated her about my personal life when I was gone, so I'm a little nervous. I'll try to report back when we return.
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I've been working like a mad man to get everything covered for my vacation. This Fillmore thing threw me for a loop, but between Sandy and the other admin support staff, things should be all right. The new guy is...interesting. I think I misjudged him. It's only been a few days, but I'm definitely thinking that the incompetence thing is an act to see exactly what I can handle. We'll see. And he's maybe a teensy bit charming. Kev thinks he's sort of testing me, too. He also thinks I should try flirting with the man to see how he reacts. I think my boyfriend's on drugs.

This is K: I need drugs. He's leaving me for a week.

This is me: I'll bring you back something nice.

K: Bastard

Me: I'll miss you, too, pookie.

K: Don't call me pookie.

It's poetry, isn't it? Anyway, Kevin's moping (and I'm regretting that he can't go with me :-( :-( :-( :-(:-( ), but, yes, I am going on vacation for a week. Actually, I'm going to be away from him for nine nights. He's told me I don't have to call him every night, but like hell I'll listen to him. Since you're sitting right next to me, reading what I type, officer, you are going to get a call from me every night, end of story. See? I knew you'd like that, Mr. Tough Guy.

My laptop is going with me, though, and while I've promised myself I won't do any work, I feel better that I can be connected, just in case. Plus, I'll want to check in and see what everyone here is up to!

Okay. Down to business!

I will be leaving for the east coast tomorrow night. I'll be spending Saturday through Tuesday in Connecticut so I can see Mom and Peter. I have Wednesday through Saturday slated for anyone who'd like to meet up with me while I'm out there. I've talked to a few folks from New York, and I think it would be fun to get together, even if it's just for drinks or lunch or something. Obviously, no one has to say hi, but if you'd like to, please let me know so we can schedule something. And if no one does, Petey and Mom will be stuck with me all week!

I think Wendell knows I'm going somewhere. He seems miffed with me and is sticking closer to Kevin than usual. Our puppy's giving me guilt! Bless his little heart.
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I didn't get the job. They're bringing in someone else. Something about tenure. Sandy says it's more about connections. Whatever.

I called Kev and told him. He said that when we go to this thing tonight we should drink all the free booze we can and go at it on the dais. I'm thinking...no. I don't need to get fired. I do like the idea of drinking, though.

It's okay. I would have been too busy, anyway. This way, I can still take my vacation.

But it stings a little.

Maybe I need a new job.

Damn it

Apr. 25th, 2006 04:01 pm
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I have to remember to take Sandy out for Administrative Assistant's Day or week or whatever it is. If anyone deserves to be treated, it's her.

Kevin wants to work in Vice, now. I'm irritated. He knows it.

Work sucks and I might have to cancel my trip if Fillmore doesn't come back.

I hate my damn life.


Apr. 20th, 2006 06:32 pm
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Sandy and I have to work late, tonight. Kevin offered to come by with some dinner, but I know he's going to be beat so I told him he didn't have to. I'll try to get through this stuff so I can get home sooner than later.

Wendell's here, too, and he doesn't seem to mind at all. He gets so excited to get in the car and come to work with me in the mornings. It's adorable.

And I'm not trying to stall asking Kevin about bringing Jake and Lani over here.


Apr. 13th, 2006 09:36 am
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Last night was great. I can't believe I'd been so nervous beforehand! Kevin's friends were so sweet and warm and I felt so welcome. There were three other couples there, including another Jewish/Catholic combo. (Let me see if I can remember everyone's names... We went to Joel and Sara's house, and were joined by Sid and Nancy (yes, I did crack up but they'd heard it all before and were very good-natured about it) and Dave and Carol.) Kevin and I are going to plan a dinner party once all the moving's been settled, and have all of them over.

The seder itself was actually pretty cool. I told Kevin later that thinking about all the tradition involved kind of got to me because I felt as if I was allowed to be part of something that was so much bigger than myself, and I was really touched. Obviously, the Catholic church is full of tradition, pomp and ceremony, but this felt so different. I can't explain it, and Kev didn't make me try.

All right, be warned that I'm going to get a little sappy. I feel very sappy, anyway.

Before we went to bed, all I could think about was the BIG talk I needed to have with him. Mom and Peter had me second guessing myself and so worried that maybe I was doing the wrong thing, I wanted to make sure Kevin really was okay with everything. Before I could even start talking, though, Kevin told me he loved me, and said that he knew it might seem fast, but he wanted me to know how he felt and that if I needed more time, he'd understand. I really wasn't expecting that, and I think I scared him because I was so quiet. (The last time I felt that emotional was when Peter and I made up after over ten years of estrangement.)

I told Kevin I loved him, too, and then we...well, you can figure that part out. Afterwards, we made the final decision that W and I would move in with him. I don't know what time we finally fell asleep, but I'm not even tired today. I'm so damn happy, I'm taking Sandy and a couple of the other assistants out for lunch today to celebrate. (Apparently, my personal life is fodder for their lunchtime conversation. When Sandy told me, I didn't get mad. I probably should have, but... It's all so funny to me and I have nothing to hide. So, why not take them out? I can give them firsthand accounts of the latest developments. Does that make me weird? Hmm, maybe I can consider them pseudo-groupies. Counting Ynez (though she's an imaginary one - and there IS a difference!), that would make four.)

Kev's off this weekend, so we're going to make the move then. He'll come over after work tonight and tomorrow and help me pack. I don't have very many things, but packing always seems to take longer than I think it will.

He said he loves me. I can't stop smiling.
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One of Sandy's girlfriends sent this to her. It's meant for email, but I thought I'd post it here.

Copy and paste into your LJ. Delete my answers, replace with your own.

How well do you know me? For instance, did you know...

behind the cut )
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I know I only worked three days this week, but I have to say I'm ready for the weekend. I'm at the tail end of this thing where you feel okay but not necessarily good. I figure a nice relaxing weekend should do it.

Kevin and I are going to dinner, tonight, to celebrate a month together. I'm taking him to this sweet, small, romantic Italian restaurant Sandy recommended. Her new beau took her there and she raved. I haven't been, but I trust her tastes because she's good about knowing mine. I'll wear the tie clip he gave me and I bought him a pair of platinum cufflinks. I don't personally know too many men who still use cufflinks, but he does, and I love that.

On a completely different topic... Katie Couric is taking over the CBS Evening News? I love the idea of a solo female anchor on a weeknight evening news program and I'd like her to do well. But the evening news isn't morning television. I'll save my judgments until I actually watch her.

Wendell's in here with me, today, but next week I'll have to leave him with the neighbor so he can start to get used to not seeing me during the day. Actually, it's more for me. Though... No one minds him being here, and he gets regular walks and lots of attention from folks. He's already pretty spoiled and it's only day three. Maybe I'll make him one of those dogs that goes everywhere with its owner. He's so damn cute. I never got to take Lani and Jake everywhere with me but that was because they were too big, plus, they had a backyard to play in when Talia and I were at work. Lani was too big, anyway. He's a german shepherd and collie mix. Jake's a Jack Russell. I did take them with me when I ran errands, though... Fuck it. Wendell's my dog, and until I'm told I can't bring him in, I'll do it. Though he will be left with the neighbor when Kev and I go out tonight.

I am not in the mood to work. I want to kidnap Kev from work, grab W and drive out to Snoqualmie.

Jeez, I almost forgot. Fillmore said it shouldn't be a problem for me to take a vacation next month. I'm thinking second week in May (6th to 14th).

Okay, W's giving me that look. I'm going to go walk him.


Apr. 6th, 2006 10:47 am
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Fillmore has abducted my dog.

In other news, I found out today that Sandy has started seeing someone. I'm taking her out for lunch so she can tell me all the details. I don't think I've ever described her, so picture this:

She's in her 30s (and would kill me if I told you the exact number), she's got light brown/blonde shoulder length hair (depending on what's she's gotten done at the salon), hazel eyes. about 5'3", thin but not skinny, and looks a little like Tea Leoni. That's who she reminded me of when I first met her, anyway. She's very pretty and if I were straight, I'd probably have a huge crush on her.

Oh! That reminds me of who Kevin first reminded me of when I met him. Tea's hubby, David Duchovny (Sandy helped me out with that one). It's the mouth. Anyway, he was on that alien show that I really tried to get into but it creeped me out. AND he was in that alien movie with Dan Aykroyd, the name of which escapes me at the moment... But, I knew I wasn't crazy!

Edited to fix Dan's last name!


Apr. 5th, 2006 09:31 am
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I managed to drag my ass into work today. I'm feeling a lot better, actually. I think I just had a bug that hit me a little hard and is at the end of its run. Sandy says I don't look that sick and she's suspcious about my days off coinciding with Kevin's, but then she got distracted by Wendell's cuteness.

Everyone loves him, and it turns out that Fillmore has a Yorkshire bitch, so he doesn't mind W being here just as long as there are no accidents. I wonder if he'll want to set Wendell up with his dog...

Right now, Sandy has W's little dog bed set up by her desk. I guess she's adopting him for the day. He doesn't seem to be nervous or clingy, so I think that's good. I, however, keep looking to make sure he's okay. He's within eyeshot, though, so that's fine.

I just received word that there's going to be a fundraising dinner on April 28th, and I'm strongly urged to attend. I can take a date. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that Kevin and I will still be together, so I'll take him. I bet he'll look gorgeous in a tux.


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