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Challenge topic: Does the thought of having to share personal space with another, no matter how smoking the sex is, send you running for the hills before the alarm clock is set?

In a word, no. In two words? Hell no. One of my very favorite things is snuggling. That's right, I'm a cuddler to my very core. If I could spend twenty-four hours a day with my arms wrapped around him, I would. This means that the thought of sharing not only personal space but a real home with him makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I can't wait for the day I can wake up next to him and know that I don't have to pack my things and go home because our time together is over. I want to fall asleep in his arms every night, knowing that he's certain of how much I love him. I'm a romantic. It can't be helped. I'm completely head over heels in love and I want to make a home with him.

By the way, we'd never need the alarm clock. We're pretty good about getting each other up in the morning.
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Deep down, I feel like I'm a very selfish man. I'm selfish with my time, my things, and with anyone I'm close to. I don't like it when my friends are taken away from me by other people. I don't like having to give of myself when I don't see any good point in doing it. If you want to touch my stuff, you'd better ask first and make sure not to screw up anything. All of these things have the potential to lead to behavior that isn't too pretty when it surfaces. Thankfully, those are extremely rare moments and my selfishness is usually relegated to the back of my mind so I'm basically a nice guy. For all I know, everyone feels those sorts of selfish tendencies.

There is one glaring exception, however. Being in love for the first time has brought out a possessive, jealous, selfish side that can't be so easily ignored. I feel selfish when it comes to sharing my lover with anyone. It doesn't mean I don't, and it doesn't mean I want to keep him locked up in some tower somewhere. It means that I want him with me all the time, I want to see him, touch him, just smile at him because he's right there with me. I also feel as if I don't want anyone else to take my time away from him. Having to leave him after one of our visits practically kills me. While I understand the reasons behind it, I resent them. I want to have a tantrum and scream that he's mine, hands off, gimme, get your own, leave us alone. Thankfully, I never actually do that. But I want to. He's mine, I'm his and I don't want anyone forgetting that.

Funnily enough, I would do absolutely anything for him, give him anything he wanted and live my life to make sure he's happy without any thought for myself. He has made me completely selfless. But only for him.
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This is a tricky question for me. There are a few of them to choose from, and I don't know some of them well enough to make a fair choice. As far as the, er, headmistress is concerned, I'm the third oldest when it comes to writing about us or playing with us. I'm also her current favorite, but I think that's only because I give her the least amount of trouble. Really, it's not the others' faults if they have needs. That's the way she made them.

I suppose the best way to do this is to talk this out and see if I can come up with a favorite.
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Character name: Will Porter
Fandom: Original Character
Disclaimers warning: Mine!
Challenge topic: Who are you?
Rating: G

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