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Talia is the one who told the rags who I am. I just wanted to get that out of the way. She's being nice to me because she feels guilty. And I'm going to take full advantage of that. She gave them my mother's address, for god's sake. I'm not going to feel bad at all for letting her kiss my ass for a while.


Lunch was civil. She was looking really good, she said I was, too. There were a few moments that made me feel like we were back at school, but they were pretty fleeting. It was strange making small talk with her as if everything was normal between us. She asked about Mom and Peter and said she was looking forward to meeting Orli at the wedding. Then she dropped the bomb about the rags. After I calmed down (thank you, Glenlivet), I told her that if the roles had been reversed, I might have done the same thing. She didn't seem to think I would have. Then there was one of those awkward, "Did we just make up?" moments when neither of us knew what else to say or do.

Oh, she won't sell me the house. No, not won't. She can't. It's already been sold. She wasn't required to tell me since she got the house in the divorce and can do anything she wants with it. I just wish I'd gotten the chance to put in a bid. It's probably just as well, now that I think about it. There'd be too many memories of our life together, and the awful way things ended between us. The Master bedroom's where Talia caught me and Peter together and I wanted to disappear off the face of the earth when I saw the look on her face. Okay, so maybe it was a bad idea to want the house. I'll look for something else. Maybe a condo nearby. Pete offered to let me move in with him, but that would be way too weird knowing how he feels, and I really just want something private and quiet. I want Orli to feel like he can leave some of his things here when he comes up and not have to worry about other people being around.

As for Talia, there's a tentative peace between us. I'll take it.

I've decided what I'm going to buy them for a wedding present. When Talia and I were married, she always wanted a Tiffany lamp. I asked her if lawyer man ever got her one and she said he found them gaudy but she still loves them. It spoiled the surprise, but I told her I'd get her one. That earned me a kiss on the cheek.

It's been a strange day.

Okay, I need to post this and go. I'm heading to New York in my beautiful new car to see my beautiful boo.
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Mom was on a mission today. I saw her walking through the house with a big black garbage bag and when I asked her what she was doing, she said that she was ridding the house of evil. In case you were wondering, the evil was magazines, tabloids and newspapers. She refuses to let Peter bring over any more, and if they show up, she refuses to let me see them. She's been worried that I keep taking so many things to heart and wants me to be blissfully ignorant. I guess from this moment on I can act as if there's no such thing as nasty gossip and innuendo. I really can't argue with her point that it stresses me out. Plus, I know that assholes will always exist and whatever I feel about them doesn't really matter. All that matters to me is being with Orli, helping him through all of this and seeing what each new day has in store for us. That's all that should have ever mattered and I hate that I wasted so much energy worrying about anything else. It would have helped if I didn't have to defend us to my mom and my best friend. That's the thing that's been getting to me the most, to be honest. What I read only echoed what I know they were thinking. That's a big reason for why I want to move out and get my own place.

Speaking of which, I asked Mom what she'll do when I move out and don't have her to censor my reading material for me. She started asking me why I wanted to move out, etc. I basically told her that I need a place of my own now and I wouldn't be too far away. I couldn't come right out and say that I'd want total privacy when Orlando visits, but I'm pretty sure she got it. I haven't mentioned this to anyone, but I'm thinking of asking Talia if I can buy our old house from her. She and lawyer man are going to get their own house, and since I love the neighborhood and I could get my other boys back, it would work out. I still have to meet with Talia and see what she says, but I'm hopeful.

I forgot to say how my soufflé turned out! According to the lesbians (btw, they do have names: Ann and Helene), it was very good for a first time and if I practice, I'll be great. Oh! I'm going to learn to make Yorkshire pudding, too. I want to be able to do it the next time Orli comes over and A&H are going to help me plan a menu. They really are turning out to be the sisters I wish I had growing up. They're both older than I am (35 and 36), so they're starting to see me as a little brother, too. At least that's how they're starting to treat me, which is kind of funny considering they wanted me to father their kid. What's weird is if they get back on the baby train, I would feel more comfortable saying yes. 'Course, it's easy for me to say since I know they're not ready right now.

Sandy (who really needs to come visit) called me with some news. I won't go into details but a Seattle news station is going to interview Kevin in prison. I'm livid. I want to sue and I want to get a gag order or something but I don't know if I can. Then again, I want to stick by my resolution to ignore all the shit and concentrate on the good stuff. And there's so much more good than bad in this whole thing. So much more.

Okay. I'm officially letting it go. What the hell can he say, anyway? He's as bad as the rest of them (worse, actually), and not worth my time or energy.

I think I need to go meditate. Or drink. Or make a call.
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I've been egged.

Literally. Shell, yolk, albumen. The real deal.

I went for my run this morning, as usual. Sometimes if there are vultures hanging around, I give them a wave and then go on my merry way. Well, this morning, there was an angel-faced girl with long blonde hair standing on the sidewalk, and when she waved me over, I didn't think anything of it. I thought maybe she needed directions or something. She looked like she was about seventeen and had the sweetest smile but still managed to look a little lost.

"Are you Will Porter?" she asked when I got a little closer. That should have given me pause, but I said I was and asked if I could help her with something.

Have you ever wondered if you're too trusting? I never did. Until today.

Anyway, as soon as I asked if I could help her with something (and actually paid attention to the fact that her hands were behind her back), she threw an egg at my chest. I was so shocked, I just stood there, looking down and wondering what the hell just happened, and then she nailed me in the head, screaming something about me being a homewrecker and turning Orli gay. (There were a few choice words in there condemning my sexuality, commenting on my oral sex skills and casting dispersions on my mother's character.) Before she could throw another one, a photographer actually came over and grabbed her (while another one clicked away). He asked if I wanted him to call 9-1-1 and have her arrested for battery, and then I started laughing. I mean, add some flour and I really would be pretty damn battered.

I declined his offer and just told him to let her go once I was back inside. I did tell her I'd call the cops if she damaged my mom's property, though. She kept yelling at me as I walked back to the house and I still have no clue if she was a mental case or just an average seventeen year-old girl. Fine line.

I hate to be one of those people who claim to not understand kids today, but I will never understand teenaged girls. I don't know if I ever want to, frankly. Most of them, in my opinion, should come with a muzzle and a tether so their parents - if they even have parents and weren't spawned by some evil mall monster somewhere - can keep them secured (and silent) in the basement. I swear I'm not as pissed off as I was, and I'm actually laughing as I type this, but, seriously, from the age of 12 to about 20, girls should be sent away somewhere. Not all. Just most.

Now, it could have been worse. It was just eggs and no blood was shed. I'm squeaky clean, the clothes are in the laundry, and I think the egg might have made my hair a little softer. But, honestly, what a waste of perfectly good food.


Oct. 15th, 2006 02:39 pm
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If anyone saw that stupid rag blurb about a "lovenest" Orli and I are shopping for in upstate New York, it's not true. I'm still in Connecticut, he's still in New York and we haven't even talked about a "lovenest" let alone shopped for one. Why do people want to assume we're already living together?

I know I shouldn't read this crap, but I can't help it. I'm obsessive.
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After this and coinciding with this.

Inez Porter looked out of the living room window. The white sedan had been there for the past hour, and the man behind the wheel kept looking at her house. He didn't look dangerous, she decided, just lost. With Will gone, she wondered if she should call Peter about it. She didn't want to bother him, though. Besides, she knew that something had happened between the boys and she wasn't sure if Peter would have time to see her.

She looked out again, then decided she had to find out what was going on. Slipping her cell phone into her pocket, she opened the front door and jogged across the street.

"Hi," she said, waving and miming for the driver to roll down the window. "I was just wondering if you needed something. I couldn't help noticing you've been here for a little while."

The man smiled. "Are you Will Porter's mother?"

A little surprised, she laughed softly. "I am. Inez Porter," she said, offering her hand. "Are you a friend of Will's?"

"Yeah, we actually went to school together. I was debating knocking on the door and seeing if he'd remember me," the man said. "Kind of stupid of me, I guess. I should get going."

"Oh, sweetie, no," Inez said quickly. "Will's not here right now, but you're welcome to come in for some coffee or something."

"Do you know where he went?"

"I'm not sure," she said, thinking. "He said he might be gone overnight, but you can leave him a note and a way to contact you, if you like."

The man looked at her curiously. "Are you serious?"

"Of course, honey," she laughed. "Any friend of Will's is always welcome here."

"Well, okay then," the man smiled sweetly. "Thank you, Mrs. Porter." His cell phone rang then, and he looked at the screen to see who was calling. "Is it okay if I meet you inside? Just a quick business call."

"Sure, take your time," Inez smiled. "I'll go put some coffee on."

The man waited for Inez to head back to the house before answering his phone. "Yeah?"

"Is it the right house?"

"Yup. It really must have been his ex wife who tipped us off. I just talked to his mom. She's invited me in for coffee."

"Great. The ex won't agree to an interview, but see if you can get the mom to talk. Let's find out who the hell this guy is."

"You got it." The man hung up the phone and got out of the car. He turned on the microcassette recorder as he headed for the house.


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