Sep. 16th, 2006 10:04 am
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It's early but there are still plenty of fellow joggers running in the park. Or should that be The Park, he wonders. The more he visits New York, the more he likes it, but he especially likes running in Central Park. He can't put his finger on why. Maybe it feels really good today because as long as he's running, he doesn't have to think about going back to Seattle. He doesn't have to think about how easy it would be to stay here because it's so close to Mom and Peter. And Orlando, Logan, Wes, Aidan, Ynez... He stops listing off the names when he realizes that almost all the friends he's made live out here. And Kevin would never leave the West Coast.

Okay, Will, you're not supposed to be thinking, he chastises himself. Instead, he decides to focus on the people in the park. That's when he spots the man with the adorable dog. It makes him think about how much he misses Wendell, so he stops running and walks up to them. A little puppy play can always make him feel better.

"Is he friendly?" he asks the man, smiling as he wipes some sweat from his forehead.

New York

Sep. 8th, 2006 11:29 pm
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Will was exhausted by the time he reached his hotel. Another long trip had really wiped him out this time; Scotland to the States seeming to be harder to do than the other way around. He was sure some of his fatigue was due to the trip itself, but some was due to his reluctance to leave. His emotions had even gotten the better of him on the plane, leaving him drained. It had been hard to say goodbye to the land and the people.

But here he was in Manhattan, the Friday before Snake's wedding, ready to see his friend tie the knot. He was so excited to see Snake again, as well as seeing some of his other friends at another celebration of love and commitment. It would be a wonderful time, he was sure.

As soon as he saw the bed in his room, he collapsed onto it, closed his eyes and sighed with the relief only the weary could truly appreciate. That's when the phone rang, jarring him and making him groan with frustration. He reached for it and answered with a curt, "Yes?"
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