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Will had told himself he wouldn't let what Peter had said bother him, and because he wanted to enjoy the first official day of his engagement to his sweetheart, he managed to succeed for a while. It wasn't until he decided to take a few minutes to call his mom and wish her a Merry Christmas that he thought about talking to Peter, too. Pete would be over at Inez's, along with the lesbians and his mother's gentleman friend, and he knew that his mom would put Peter on the phone.

Sure enough, after he had told her everything about the previous evening (almost everything) and listened to her gush for a while about wanting to tell all her friends the good news, she told him to hold on while she hunted down Peter. Will didn't have a choice, really. He didn't want his mom to know that anything was wrong.

"Hi, Will. Merry Christmas." Pete sounded contrite. Good, Will thought.

"Thanks, Pete. Merry Christmas to you, too." Will cleared his throat. "I just called to talk to Mom and I didn't want to tell her not to bother you. You know she worries when she thinks we're fighting."

"Will, I'm sorry. I'm a jerk. I didn't mean to dump all over you like that." Peter sighed, and Will could imagine him rubbing a hand over the back of his neck. He always did that when he was nervous or upset.

"You mean there was another way you wanted to dump on me?" Will smiled, not sure why he was kidding around. His feelings had really been hurt, but he didn't want to hold onto anything that could ruin this day.

"I'm serious, Will," Peter continued. "Listen, let me take you out to dinner when you get back."

"Okay, I'll ask Orli if he--"

"Just you," Peter said, cutting him off. "I owe you an apology and we need to talk some things out."

Will almost said that he was tired of talking things out with Pete, but he kept that to himself. "Peter, anything you have to say to me, especially about this, you can say in front of Orli."

"No, I can't, Will. Please?"

"Fine," Will sighed, relenting. "But, please, stop insulting me, okay? Every time you take a cheap shot it makes me question our friendship."

"Will!" Peter sounded so shocked, it actually startled Will. "That's the one thing you're not supposed to ever question. Remember? We always said that no matter what happened or who came into our lives, we were going to love each other the best and the most."

Will pressed his lips together and rubbed his eyes, suddenly tired. Of course he remembered that. He'd even told Kevin that when they'd started getting serious, forcing him to accept that Peter would come first. But that was when he'd assumed that no one could ever make him love them more than Peter. That had completely changed now and it made him sad that his friend wouldn't accept it. He knew he'd already told Peter that couldn't be true anymore, but he didn't want to rehash that on the phone.

"Remember?" Peter repeated when Will didn't say anything.

"I remember," Will finally answered. "But, I need to go. I'll see you when I get back, all right?"

When Will closed his cell phone, he immediately went over to Orlando and hugged him tight. Being with him was the only thing that mattered right now.
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Look at one of my Christmas presents from Ray!

Will you wear it for me? If you do, I'll wear these for you... Or whatever you want.
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[ooc: Posted early for obvious reasons, takes place the day after this.]

I would like to wish all my friends a Merry Christmas, happy holidays, joy to the world, peace on earth and goodwill to all men, women, children, aliens and fairies. I hope that gifts made it to you guys in time for the day, and if not, they're on their way!!

Now, I have a very special announcement to make. Please don't kill me for not saying anything about this before, but I wanted to keep the people who knew to a really tiny number for fear of jinxing it.

Last night, I asked Orlando to marry me, and he said yes!!!!!

I don't think I've stopped smiling since he accepted, and I can't imagine anything making me happier except our actual wedding day. I'm kind of freaking out because I can't believe this is actually happening. I mean, what if I'm just dreaming and really have a life working as an insurance salesman in Lincoln? This wonderful life with fabulous friends and loved ones can't really be mine, can it? I can't be in love with the most amazing man and ready to spend my life with him, can I?

I'm so blessed, I can't begin to wrap my head around it. And as we all embark on a new year, I just wanted you guys to know that I couldn't be happier that we're all heading there together.

I'm engaged. To someone I love and adore beyond belief. I could get used to this feeling.


Dec. 22nd, 2006 04:45 pm
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Will checked over his list one more time before calling to have everything delivered to his friends in time for Christmas. He loved this time of year!

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[ooc: Posting this early for obvious reasons :-)]

After this conversation.

The ski resort was even more beautiful than Will could have imagined, and their suite was spectacular. Will couldn't have asked for a more perfect location for what he had in store for his lover. When he'd broken the news to his mother that he and Orlando wouldn't be spending Christmas with her, she'd been disappointed. Until he finally let her in on his plans. At the news, Inez screamed and literally jumped for joy. She then proceeded to scold Will for not thinking of whisking Orlando away to a romantic locale in the first place, instead of Orli having to come up with the idea on his own.

But now they were here in this beautiful, romantic spot, for a Christmas holiday that Will knew was going to be unforgettable. Because their plans had been so last minute, no one knew they were there. Except for a few guests giving Orli some curious glances, Will felt absolutely secure that nothing and no one would ruin this for them. So far he'd been right. They'd already spent most of the day skiing at a nearby run, and had come back for some ice skating. It had felt so magical for Will to be with Orlando as they raced around in the winter weather. Every smile, every laugh was imprinted in his memory as he mentally counted down the time until he would ask the love of his life to be his forever.

They were cold and happily worn out as they returned to the suite, ready for dinner. The resort was having a special Christmas Eve dinner for the guests in the dining room, but the two of them had opted for a quiet, romantic meal in the privacy of their room. What Orlando didn't know, though, was that Will had left specific instructions for how he wanted the room set up while they were out for the day. He wanted Orli to love everything.

When Will opens the door, he couldn't be more pleased by what he sees. The staff had put up decorations in white, silver and gold around the fireplace, and there's even a small Christmas tree in the corner with the wrapped presents they'd brought with them carefully placed underneath. Two stockings with their names on them hang from the mantle, and white pillar candles, each set in a mini wreath, have been placed all around the suite, basking it in an ethereal glow. A table is set for two, the white tapers in the middle surrounded by a winter flower arrangement that Will had insisted contain some sunflowers. The light from the candles makes the crystal and the silverware sparkle in the soft light of the room, and even the ice in the silver champagne bucket next to the table resembles diamonds. The bottle of champagne nestled inside has a small white bow wrapped around it and looks like another present waiting to be opened.

Will had called to give the staff a heads up when he and Orli were thinking about heading back, so there should be a hot bath waiting for them in the jacuzzi tub. He'd asked that they have a couple of glasses of champagne and a bowl of fresh strawberries next to the tub, too. Then, when they're ready, he'll call for their dinner to be brought to them.

He has butterflies in his stomach as he takes a deep breath and steps aside to let Orlando in ahead of him.
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If I was any more excited, things would be bursting all over the place! This is going to be the best Christmas ever and I'm almost ready to start counting down the hours. Since Orli and I agreed to spend Christmas with Mom, I'm assuming we'll be doing Christmas Eve here, too (Baby?). If we do, we'll have the house to ourselves since Mom's spending it with her *choke* boyfriend and not coming back 'til Christmas morning. Jeez.

I'm back to my good old male self again, but it was fun to be a woman for a day. The whole sex thing was pretty great, but it still didn't feel as good as when I'm with Master Bloom.

BTW, I've had this Mastercard ad thing going through my head all day:

Silk dress shirt....$100
Dress pants....$80
Checking between my legs to make sure the goods are there....Priceless

I blame too much brandy in my eggnog! Or maybe too much jingle in my bells.

Deck them halls and fa that la, babies, Santa's coming to town!

*happy dance*
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'Twas the week before Christmas, and what do you know?
All the cool kids were putting up their mistletoe
Since I love my friends, I'd sure hate to miss
The chance for you all to come give me a kiss

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Now offering a peck on the cheek, a buss on the lips or a hug for the holidays.

I'm saving the soul kiss for my baby.


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