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Jan. 15th, 2007 04:35 am
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ooc: Although Will's talking about the party in the past tense, it's still going strong. And he won't be doing a drunken striptease on a table because he's a good boy. Thanks to everyone who's playing! You guys are the best! :-)

First of all, I feel like I'm still recovering from the party and the, um, after party that sort of stretched into Sunday. It's the good kind of recovery that involves lying around with my superhotsexylover, basking in afterglow. I'm glad today's a holiday, though, even if we don't technically have to go to work.

Random thought... Ray told me that Cordy's party was the same day as Orli's even though her birthday's the 14th. I wonder if whoever threw it (I swear he told me, but my brain's fried at the mo) knew that today's a holiday so it could have technically been done on the actual day for her. Bummer. *gasp* Unless it was a conscious decision to have it a day early in a blatant attempt to steal Orlando's thunder!!! Mark my words!!! No one can steal his thunder because A) He's fabulous, B) He's amazing and C) It's secured by The Club.

Oh my god, before you send your cards and letters, I'm totally being sarcastic (except for the fabulous and amazing bits. Those are true and I'll get that statement notarized, thank you very much). My IQ's 145 above average. I can figure out that Saturday is the universally accepted best day for a partay. I'm actually feeling bad that the flowers were sent the day after her celebration.

[locked from Orli]
I'm pissed. Despite my best efforts, details about my baby's party still got leaked to the press (Mom called to tell me). It's embarrassing to have the estimates of what everything cost (you know how those tabloid shows do it) plastered all over the place. I guess it's better that it got out after the actual party, and that usually happens with secret celeb type things, but I still feel bad. Next year, beach party on some secluded island where cameras haven't even been invented. Good? Good.

On the agenda today...

I have no idea. I'm going to make breakfast right now (according to Will's law, my Boo's birthday weekend doesn't end until midnight), then see what he wants to do from there.

ETA: Maybe we should have a manly workout to prove my manly manliness and dispel the rumors that I'm a big ol' girl. Just a thought.
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Today, my sweetheart, light of my life, sugar beet, sex object, future husband, best friend, cuddle bunny and really awesome workout partner turns 30.

*pays silent homage to whatever forces saw fit to create a perfect little bundle 30 years ago, thus making January 13th the best day ever*

While I may be older (and let's say wiser to humor me), you make me feel like a kid again. I'm so incredibly blessed to be with you.

To do list:

- Breakfast in bed
- Morning snuggle
- Call Corsicana and crack whip if necessary
- Lie to E! about party rumors
- Call to have birthday flowers delivered to Cordelia tomorrow
- Afternoon snuggle
- Get ready for "dinner"
- Get ready again because seeing Orli dressed up makes me hot and want him naked again
- PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!
- Party for two at Chez Bloom


I love you, Boo.

ooc: Orlando's surprise party can be found at [livejournal.com profile] wtgg. Come one, come all, etc. Membership is not required to post. Bendy time is in full effect.
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Hey peeps:

This is a heads up about Orli's birthday. In two weeks, he's hitting the big 3-0 and Michael and I are throwing him a surprise birthday party. All the details will be announced later, but this is to warn you that you MUST keep Saturday, January 13th open. If you're not going to be able to attend, you'd better get him an awesome present to make up for missing such an important milestone in his life. I understand that things come up, but you'd better be there if you want to call yourself our friend and don't want me to go all Incredible Hulk on you. I have muscles. Fear them.

Oh my god, I'm so kidding. Seriously, after the year Orlando's had, I would love to have the chance to show him that his real friends still care about him and support him. Even if you don't like me, please give some thought to attending. This is for Orli and I know he would love to see you all there.

Pretty please.

Peace out,
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I've officially worn them out. Well, the jet lag and I. Mom's back at the hotel and Peter's lying down in my room. I had to get all of this down before the night's done.
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Mar. 16th, 2006 08:25 am
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I'm taking the day off. Mom and Peter flew in yesterday to surprise me, and I'm going to take them out.

More later.
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So far I haven't seen any signs of celebration. I told Sandy I'd fire her if I did.

Dinner with Kevin, tonight. That'll be a great way to celebrate, I'm sure. He doesn't know.


Mar. 9th, 2006 08:40 am
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Sandy just found out my birthday's coming up. I told her she'd better not do anything, she said she wouldn't, then she winked and walked away.

I really don't want to do anything, this year. I'm still missing things back home - correction, back East. I'm home now. Maybe John and I will do something.

Speaking of John, we're going out tomorrow night. He's been busy this week so it'll be good to see him.

All right. Back to work.


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