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Present day

Will had planned on calling his best friend so he could get Peter's take on what was currently going on with his relationship. The more he thought about it, though, the more convinced he was that it would be best for him to go over to Pete's and talk to him face to face. There were still some issues for them to sort out, so perhaps they could do that as well. What he really wanted was to be with someone who wouldn't hover over him. His mother was a wonderful woman, but she would stick to his side the second she knew Will was feeling a little down.
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Early November 2006

Will wondered if the person who invented Spray Cheez was high when he (or she) came up with the idea. Or drunk. The only time Will could stand to eat the stuff - using the preferred "spray directly in the mouth" method - was when he was drunk. He gazed at the can, shook it, then stuck the nozzle in his mouth and released a burst of salty, creamy gunk.
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Present day

I'm really doing it.

In a few days, I am going to ask the man I love to be mine. Really mine.

I'm so positive that it's the right thing to do, I'm feeling completely confident about it. But, sometimes, I start to worry that it's too soon. Then again, is there anything we've done that hasn't been thought of as "too soon" by some? And why should we be bothered by anyone else's opinions, anyway? I know how I feel and I know what I want. It's him. His is the only opinion that matters. He's the only one who can make the final decision.

I don't want to make him feel as if I'm pushing him to move too quickly, though. I love him. I adore him. I can't think of anything I'd rather do than spend my life with him. But if he's not ready for this, I'll understand. I really will. I want to make him as happy as he makes me.

I know he loves me. He never lets me doubt that for a moment. I know that when he looks at me, I'm the only person he sees. I know that he trusts me and is confident in my love for him.

Then why am I so scared? No, not scared. That would imply I don't want to do this. No matter the outcome, I know I want to do this.

I'm nervous. I feel as if I'm going to be holding my breath until I finally ask him. It's so strange to feel nervous when I think about anything connected to him. But I'm excited. I can't stop thinking about our future or how much I love him or how happy he makes me. Sometimes I want to cry because the things I feel for him are so overwhelming. This has never happened to me before, and I can only imagine what kind of life I would have had if I'd felt a tiny fraction of this kind of love for Talia. But I couldn't because she wasn't who I was supposed to be with forever.

He's thoughtful, he's beautiful both inside and out, he makes me laugh, he's caring and shows a humanity that can take my breath away. That's only part of what makes me love him. He's also brutally honest about himself and makes no excuses for the mistakes he's made in the past. He has told me so much about his past, and he's owned up to everything he's done that hurt other people. It breaks my heart that he's harder on himself than any of them could ever be, but I know he's a good man and that's why he cares so much. I also know he's afraid of hurting me, too, but I'm going to do everything in my power to convince him that he doesn't have to be afraid of ever doing that. No matter what happens, I'm always going to love him. I can't help it.

A few more days. That's all. I never thought I'd want to do it again, but he's changed my life and shown me what love really is.

I'm really doing it. I'm really going to ask him to marry me.

Please let him say yes.
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Present day

It had started out as a joke. When Will's friend Iris (who also happened to be a goddess) told him she could turn him into a woman, he'd thought it would be amusing to see what it was like. He had no interest in living as a woman or making it a permanent thing by any means. He was in love with a man who loved every manly thing about him. Likewise, Will loved how it felt to be a guy in a relationship with an incredible man. There would be no sex with his boyfriend in this form, nor would he engage in any sex with anyone else. Regardless of what his body looked like, having sex with someone else would be a betrayal and violate the commitment he'd already made in his heart. This foray into womanhood was simply an experiment and a fun way to see just how the other half lived, even if for a little while.
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October 2006

"Can we not make this about you, please?"

Peter put down his glass and frowned at his friend. "I'm sorry?"

"You may not have noticed it, but every single thing I've brought up in my story, you've managed to turn it into something about you."

"I hadn't noticed," Peter shrugged.

"Yeah, well, you have."

"Sorry." Peter took a sip of his drink. "Why don't you finish your story."

"Thank you," Will scowled. "Anyway, like I was saying, the woman had the biggest cucumber in her cart that I had ever seen. I mean, it would have been vulgar to me if I didn't already have the dirtiest mind in three counties. I couldn't stop staring at it!"

Peter giggled and shook his head. "I flirted with a guy in the produce section once, using nothing but..." He stopped when he noticed Will's annoyed expression. "I'm doing it again, aren't I?"

"Mmm hmm."

"I'm sorry. Go ahead."

Will sighed and continued. "Anyway, she caught me looking at it and walked away so quickly, I knew she thought I was a pervert."

"God, that reminds me of the time..." Peter pressed his lips together. "Sorry."

Shaking his head, Will looked at his friend for a few long moments before continuing. "So I go to check out, and the woman's in the line next to me. There also happened to be some rag with a picture of Orli and me on the cover right next to her and she sort of did a double take and I knew she recognized me."

He paused then, looking at Peter expectantly.

"What?" Peter asked, taking another sip.

"You're not interrupting me."

"Oh." Peter smiled. "That's only because I've never been in the tabloids."
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Title: Settling Down
Prompt: 018. Content
Word Count: 393
Rating: G
Notes: Present day
Summary: Blade stays up with Will while his master gets ready for bed.

Blade tilted his head, looking at Will curiously from his perch on the bed. His master was lying down on the floor, but every time he tried to sit up, he would pause, then lie back down again. This behavior occurred every night, countless times in a row, and it never made much sense to the papillon. Still, Will seemed to be happy once he got to his feet and always gave Blade a pat on the head and a scratch behind his ears after the strange ritual.

"Hey, little guy," Will smiled at him before reaching over to gently pet a sleeping Wendell. "How come you always stay up with me and Wendell doesn't?"

Blade wagged his tail and gave a little huff in reply, letting Will know that he was a much more mature and responsible pet than the younger dog. When it was this close to bedtime, he wouldn't dream of falling asleep before Will. He'd also gotten a taste for sleeping on the bed on the nights when his master didn't close the bedroom door. Those were the nights when Will's mate (the man who reminded Blade of his former home) would visit and Blade and Wendell had to sleep in their doggie beds. The nights when the door was open were to be savored.

"You're a good boy," Will said, kissing the top of Blade's head before leaving the room.

A little while later, Will reappeared smelling of mint and soap. On very cold nights, he would put on sleeping clothes, but most of the time, like tonight, he slept without them. Blade wondered if Will was more comfortable in only his fur the same way he was. It would make sense since Blade felt better out of the little sweaters the mama liked to put him in to keep him warm.

Will got under the covers and gave the empty side of the bed a pat. Blade took that as his cue to leave Wendell at the foot of the bed and curl up next to Will.

"Good night, little guy," Will whispered, giving Blade a gentle pat as he reached for his bedside lamp.

Once the light was turned off, Blade snuggled up to his master and closed his eyes. He waited a few moments for Will to hug him before finally letting himself fall asleep.
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Title: Letter to Santa
Word Count: 259
Rating: G
Notes: Present day
Summary: Will's feeling goofy and pens a letter to Santa.

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Age 17

"What're you staring at?"


Peter poked Will in the side, making the other boy giggle. "I said, what're you staring at?"

Will pointed at his bedroom ceiling. "If you stare really hard at the popcorn, you can see pictures."

They'd been lying on Will's bed, trying to decide what to do with their afternoon. So far, all they'd accomplished was listening to some CDs and speculating on George Michael's sexuality. Staring at the ceiling was the first official sign that they were completely bored.

"What're you talking about?" Pete grinned, scooting closer to Will and looking at the ceiling, too.

"You know how you can see shapes in clouds and stuff?" Will said, smiling at his friend. "Well, you can kinda do that with the little bumps in the ceiling."

"You're full of shit."

"I'm not!" Will laughed, then raised his arm to point at the area above his Madonna poster. "Over there, I see a devil riding a rocking horse."

Peter laughed and grabbed Will's arm, pulling it back down. "Okay, now I know you're full of shit."

"I can't help it if you have no imagination," Will giggled, letting Peter hold his hand for a few moments before gently pulling away from him. "Come on, let's go see what Keith and Jerry are doing."

Looking a little disappointed, Peter sat up and nodded. "You don't want to keep hanging out here?"

Will lowered his eyes and shrugged. "Nah. It's boring here."

"I could think of stuff for us to do, if you want." Peter stood up and hesitated for a second before putting a hand on Will's shoulder. "Remember..."

"No," Will said firmly. He knew that Peter was going to bring up the one time they kissed or made out or whatever it was. But they'd both been drunk and Will had vowed it wouldn't happen again. "I'm sorry, Pete... I... I'm..."

Peter sighed and dropped his hand. "Yeah, I know. You're bored," he said softly, letting it go.
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Present day

Will walked over to his desk, ready to sit down at his computer and send an email to the man he loved. He paused before booting up, though, and glanced at the notepad and pen next to his keyboard. Smiling, he wondered if he should write Orlando a love letter instead. He'd always thought it such a romantic gesture but something that had gotten lost in the age of instant messaging and emails. Looking at his computer again, he debated for a few moments before finally picking up the pad and pen and settling in to write a letter for his love.


When I woke up this morning, the first thought that entered my mind was how much I love you. I turned to tell you and realized that you weren't lying next to me. There was an instant when I was sure my heart would break at seeing that cold, empty pillow. In that moment, I missed you so much, I couldn't breathe. When it passed and I remembered that I'd only seen you in my dreams and you weren't really pressed up against me, sleeping soundly, I turned to the one thought that could comfort me. I know that the day will come when you and I won't have to live our lives with any restrictions or judgments. We'll never again have to spend a night apart. That's the only thing, the only thought, that makes being without you bearable.

I don't know exactly when you became such an integral part of my life. I can't pinpoint the second I lost my heart to you completely. I only know I can't imagine an existence without you. I feel so consumed by you it's as if there's never been a moment in my life when I haven't loved you. You are the most beautiful and amazing man I have ever known. You are a gift, and the fact that you love me is the greatest blessing in my life. I miss you every day that I'm not able to sink into the warmth of your eyes or be comforted by a smile so bright it rivals the sun. The touch of your hand, the taste of your kiss, the heat of your body moving against mine as we make love - these are all things I miss when I'm not with you. But not one of them compares to the thing I miss the most. It's that perfect moment when you're holding me and I put my ear to your chest to hear your heartbeat, as steady and strong as our love.

I want to spend my life with you, showing you every day how much you mean to me. One lifetime together won't be enough, I know, but I live with the belief that no matter what lies ahead, I will always be by your side.

All my love, now and forever,

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Present Day

Will looked at the items spread across his bed. He couldn't believe he'd gotten all of his Christmas shopping done and there were still three weeks to go! As he eyed each gift, he ticked names off his mental list of giftees, hoping that they would like what he had gotten. He supposed he should have asked everyone what they wanted, but he actually liked surprising them much more. He'd ignore the fact that it may have been the slightest bit selfish to think that way.

Now, all he had to do was wrap everything and have it all delivered. Selecting the holiday playlist on his iPod, Will started the carols playing and settled down to his task. Cutting paper and ribbon, carefully taping folded edges, decorating each gift with the miniature ornaments he'd bought just for that purpose, he managed to get all of it done just as Inez walked into his room to see how things were going.

"Oh, honey! Everything looks beautiful," she said, giving him a little hug.

"It does, doesn't it?" Will grinned, standing back to look at the assortment of boxes covered in festive wrapping.

"And you remembered to take off all the price tags, right?"

The smile froze on Will's face and he blinked twice.

"Aw, shit."
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August 2005

It had been two weeks since his move to Seattle, and Will had never felt more homesick in his life. The new job was going all right, everyone seemed nice enough, but he didn't feel as if he belonged here. He had an assistant who seemed to have a good head on her shoulders despite the fact that she had taken it on herself to help Will with his social life. Now, sitting in front of the television with his Healthy Choice frozen dinner on a TV tray, he wondered if he should have taken her up on it. That thought disappeared as quickly as it had entered his head.

The truth of it was that Will didn't want to be social. He didn't want to put down any real roots here. This wasn't his home. His home was in Hartford with Mom and Peter, and he hated that he had ever thought starting a new life on the other side of the country was a good idea. There was nothing familiar here, he had no friends and didn't even know anyone besides the people at work.

Glancing at the phone, Will considered calling Pete just to say hi, but he'd promised himself he wouldn't wimp out and call his friend just because he was feeling down. He wanted Peter to have a life of his own and not worry about him all the time. But it was hard not to pick up the phone and dial. He just wanted to go home.

He got up and took his uneaten dinner into the kitchen, dumped it into the trash, and picked up the bottle of scotch on the counter. Not bothering with a glass, he uncapped it and took a long swallow. It felt good going down and when it settled in his belly, warm and comforting, he began to feel a little better. He took the bottle with him when he went to sit down on the couch to watch TV. It didn't matter what was on, and the more he drank, the less anything seemed to matter.

Maybe tomorrow would be better.

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Will whistled as he trotted down the stairs. He was wrapped up tight in a fluffy terry robe, his hair spiky from the shower, and he practically danced as he made his way to the kitchen. His mother was already there, getting the coffee made. From the smell of things there were waffles cooking, too.

"Well, you're in a good mood this morning," Inez smiled at her son, giving him a quick kiss on the cheek before he shimmied over to the cupboard for a glass.

Will stopped whistling long enough to say, "I am," before getting some orange juice out of the fridge.

Inez laughed, happy to see her son in such a good mood. "You must have gotten a good night's sleep."

"I had an amazing night," Will said, a huge smile lighting up his face.

"I can tell!" Inez checked the waffle maker, then watched as her son took out the tea kettle and filled it with water. "Honey, I'm making coffee for you."

"It's for tea," Will said, humming now as he put the water up to boil.

"You don't drink tea."

Will looked at her and laughed. "I know. But the reason I'm in such a good mood this morning does."

"The reason..." Inez frowned, then her eyes widened when she realized Will was talking about his boyfriend. "Oh! Honey, I thought he had to leave yesterday."

"He decided to stay one more night," Will said, getting out a tray and looking around. "Do we have a bud vase?"

"Cupboard over the fridge," Inez said. "Why doesn't he come down and let me feed him?"

"Because he's still asleep and I'm going to surprise him with breakfast in bed." Will grinned at her.

"Aw, honey, that's so sweet," Inez giggled. "What are you going to make him?"

Will danced over to his mom and gave her a hug and a sheepish grin. "How much longer 'til the waffles are done?"
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The warmth of the house when we come in from the cold makes it feel as if I have pins pricking my face as my skin begins to heat. You look like you belong on a Christmas card, the picture of someone reveling in all the joys of winter. I love to see your cheeks so flushed, rosy from being outside in the cold, brisk winter air. Your hands are like ice when I help you peel off gloves soaked through from helping to build a snowman (and tossing some well-aimed snowballs), so I kiss them and tell you no touching any warm bits until your fingers have thawed. I smile at your red nose, stifling the urge to start whistling Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Kissing it and giving it a little nibble helps with that. Despite the wool hat you had pulled down over your head, your ears are pink and I can't help laughing when I kiss them and joke about little icicles hanging from them. I help you out of your wet coat, pausing to kiss your frozen lips before you help me out of mine. It's been a perfect winter day spent playing in the snow with Wendell and Blade. The back of my shirt's wet from the snow you shoved down there, but the back of your jeans shows the results of my revenge. We're both freezing and race deeper inside the house to warm up.

In the kitchen, you put the kettle on the stove so we can have some tea. In the living room, I stoke the fire, adding some wood to it to help heat the room a little faster. Wendell and Blade rush to curl up in front of the comforting glow, tired and cold from their playtime with us. When you come into the living room while we wait for the water to boil, I take your hands in mine and lead you over to the sofa. I rub your hands gently to warm them, then dodge quickly when you try to slip them under my shirt. The fire crackles and pops, making little Wendell start. He flashes me an annoyed look as he takes his position next to Blade again, blaming me for the sudden noise, I'm sure. There's a blanket on the back of the couch, but before I grab it, I take off my wet shirt and encourage you to get out of your wet things, too. When we're both free of our clothes, I wrap the blanket around us so we can huddle together for warmth. Still giggling about the oddly shaped snow thing we built together, I kiss you and inform you that you are hands down the best way to fight the cold. Then, putting my arms around you as you snuggle closer, I smile and kiss the top of your head, determined to keep you warm.
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Present day

Will lowers his menu and looks at his lover, his face the picture of innocence.

"I'm leaning toward the filet mignon," he says casually. Under the table, he's slipped his foot out of his very expensive Italian leather loafer. "I'll get the new potatoes and steamed green beans with it." Smiling, Will raises his foot to his lover's lap, slowly rubbing and teasing between his legs. The privacy of their location gives him opportunity but still provides a hint of danger at getting caught by the waiter and whoever else wanders over to their table.

"First, though," he says softly, biting his lip when he feels Orlando's body responding to him, "I think I'd like an appetizer."
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Title: Under the Weather
Prompt: 089. Sick
Word Count: 770
Rating: G
Notes: Takes place in 2000
Summary: Talia has to deal with a sick Will.

Under the Weather )
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Title: Puppy Love
Rating: G
Notes: Present day
Summary: Will observes a little animal behavior.

"What are you--"

Will turned around and put a finger to his lips, shushing his mother. He pointed to where Blade and Wendell were sitting on the couch in the living room.

"Watch," he whispered.

Inez looked at him curiously but smiled as she stood alongside him and looked at the two little dogs.

Soon, Blade stood up, stretched, shook himself, circled, then proceeded to lie down again. Then, a second later, Wendell did the exact same thing. Another few moments passed before Blade rolled onto his back and waved his legs in the air. Just as before, Wendell repeated the behavior after a second or two had passed.

"Oh my god, it looks like Wendell's copying him, doesn't it?" Inez whispered with a soft chuckle.

"Yeah, they've been doing this for the past twenty minutes. Blade does something, then when he's finished Wendell does it, too."

When Blade sat up and waved his front paw at Wendell, only to have Wendell return the gesture, Inez giggled. "Aww, monkey see, monkey do."

"I think so," Will grinned.

Suddenly, Wendell moved closer to Blade and started to lick his snout. The older dog sat patiently, then nuzzled Wendell back and proceeded to lie down again. This time, when Wendell lay down, too, he cuddled up to Blade with a little sigh and as adoring a look as one dog could give to another.

Will laughed softly as he watched them. "Or, you know, it could be a case of puppy love."
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Title: Judge Not
Word Count: 1136
Rating: PG-13
Notes: The opinions expressed in this bit of fiction are the pup's and only reflect the mun's feelings as much as the opinons of the pups tearing Orli a new asshole reflect their muns' true feelings. Which is not at all, right? :-) *kisses*
Summary: Will and his mom have a late night talk about the trouble Orlando's having.

Judge Not )
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Title: Dying Young
Word Count: 220
Rating: G

I never like to talk about it, afraid that I'll be painted as a pessimist, but I don't think I'm going to have a long life. Ever since I could remember, I've had the feeling that I'm going to die young. There isn't a history of illness in my family. My father dropped dead of a heart attack because he didn't take care of himself, but everyone else is either living or lived to a ripe old age. I still can't shake this feeling, though.

I guess that's why I feel as if life's too short to wait until the time is right to do something. If it feels good at the time, just jump in and take what you want. Savor every second of happiness you have, try to have more good times than bad and don't waste your time hating people.

When I found out that Peter's boyfriend had died, that strengthened my desire to live every day as if it could be my last. I think Peter feels that way now, too. If I do die young, I hope I left the world a better place than I found it. Actually, that sounds kind of conceited. Let me just say that I hope I managed to create more happiness than misery. I'm not so sure I did.


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