Feb. 1st, 2007

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Legolas had given the two of them instructions to a meeting place north of where they lived. They'd had to drive a little ways to reach the forest, then had parked the car and began the hike to the meeting spot. Honestly, Will had been as excited about getting out of the city with Orli as he was about meeting their new friend. Well, excited and concerned about seeing firsthand what kinds of injuries Legolas had sustained during his fall. Hopefully, the two of them can tend his wounds if needed. A slight blush tints his cheeks as he thinks about what else they'll be tending.

Now, as they walk, Will takes hold of Orlando's hand and gives it a squeeze. He's missed the chance to be surrounded by the peace and quiet of nature and can already feel himself getting recharged. By the time they reach the appointed meeting place, he's feeling so good, he can't help smiling brightly and pulling Orli to him for a kiss.
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[backdated to this]

Will gets back from his run, happy that he'd been able to add about a mile to his usual route. When he goes inside the house, he calls out to let Orli know he's home, but the only response he gets is three dogs running up to greet him.

"Hey, guys," he grins, squatting down to pet them. "Where's Daddy?" He stands up and goes to the foot of the stairs. "Orlando?" he calls up, then heads to the kitchen. He hadn't seen the note Orlando had left for him, and starts going through the house looking for his fiancé. "Baby?" He stops to scratch Julie behind her ears as she lounges on the back of the couch. "Honey, where's your dad?" he says, trying not to panic or let himself think that someone broke in and stole his Orli.

"Phone," he says to himself, heading back to the hallway to get his cellphone. That's when he sees the note and immediately feels like an idiot for being ready to panic. That feeling's shortlived, though, when he reads Orli's note. Grabbing his phone, he hits speed dial number for Orli's cell to find out what's going on.


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