Jan. 18th, 2007

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(from my mun journal, slightly edited)

If anyone's wondering why Will flocked his LJ, it's because he's feeling a bit paranoid about Kevin. (Oops, I need to have him unfriend Kev!) I'm going to sort out some details later. But I never thought twice about his flist being part of his "reality" until another mun had her pup mention the fact that Will had unfriended him when I'm the one who was messing around with Will's flist. *g* Instead of breaking the fourth wall and telling the mun that the friending stuff had nothing to do with her pup, I just had Will go along with it (which has turned out really well). And now flocking his journal is just another part of making him a real person since his journal is real in every other way for him, and who hasn't flocked their jounal at one time or another? Uh, if that makes sense... Well, I know what I mean, anyway.

Let me add: It may sound weird, but some of you will understand when I say that Will's a real person. He's got his moods and his annoyances and his LJ is just as personal and important to him as mine is to me. I'm going to start taking it as a compliment if someone confuses his actions for mine because that means I'm making him a very real person who is realistically imperfect, stressed, etc.

Last thing - I find it really funny that there's a tendency to confuse a pup's actions with a mun's when something negative happens. No one's ever accused a mun of being nice, sweet, loving or patient because his or her pup is that way. Why the double standard? Hypothetical question, btw.

ETA: My brain's been fried from NO friggin' sleep, and I should still be making OOC and RP posts public. It's only Will's journal entries/musings/memes (anything he'd be afraid for Kevin to see) that have to be locked in order to be true to his current situation. Got it? Good, because I don't know how to make it clearer. :-) This announcement will be on all the entries I'm unlocking so I don't get any "I thought his LJ was locked" griping.


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