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porter_inc ([personal profile] porter_inc) wrote2007-02-28 10:18 pm
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ANNOUNCEMENT - Um, did anyone notice this?

Because the "50 question meme" is actually only 46 questions (nos. 17, 22, 39 and 42 are missing), I'm making some up and adding them here:

17. Do you know the way to San Jose?

No, but I can Mapquest it.

22. Am I supposed to understand number 17?

Yes, but only if you're familiar with the hits of one Ms. Dionne Warwick.

39. Dionne who?

Whitney Houston's cousin.

42. That Psychic Friends lady??? *snort* Dork.

Shut the fuck up.

ETA: I didn't say anything about "Hitchhiker's" for the number 42 because, god, that's been done.

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