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porter_inc ([personal profile] porter_inc) wrote2007-02-25 06:02 am
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Maybe it's just me

But I don't think George Clooney is as handsome/hot as people keep saying he is. Maybe it's because I still remember him from "The Facts of Life." The mullet and the goofy face are forever etched in my brain.

Sunday, I will be watching the Oscars. Unless we live together, don't bug me. I'm not going to offer my picks because the films and people I want to win are going to lose. Oh, what the hell. I WANT the following to win in the major categories:

Babel - Best Picture
Martin Scorsese - Best Director
Peter O'Toole - Best Actor
Alan Arkin (he might actually get this) - Best Supporting Actor
Helen Mirren (okay, so she'll get it) - Best Actress
Rinko Kikuchi - Best Supporting Actress

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