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porter_inc ([personal profile] porter_inc) wrote2007-02-20 04:39 pm
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What's on TV

Have you seen that GoToMyPC commercial with the stupid little kid who talks about his father always having to go into the office? I hate that commercial.

The Anna Nicole Death coverage can stop any second now. I feel very sad for her little baby but enough's enough. I'm not sure if it's comical or tragic that (formerly?) legitimate news channels have spent so much time on this. The comparisons to Marilyn Monroe are also irksome. Not in any universe should a big-breasted, billionaire widow, D-list reality TV star be compared to MM. We need a war or something so they can report on important things. Oh wait...

Now, to get serious. Don't be frightened.

I'm watching a report on teenaged boys who kill homeless people for sport. I'm angry and disgusted, and if the excuses keep up for the boys' behavior, I'm putting my foot through the television. I don't care how bad your childhood was or how much you were neglected or unsupervised. When you reach a certain age you know the difference between right and wrong, period. Badly behaved, spastic, incorrigible teens are not cute. They're little delinquents in the making who choose to be insufferable for effect, at the very least. At their worst, they literally destroy lives. Yes, the parents should be held accountable, too, but ultimately these teens are responsible for their own behavior. Maybe that's why I have no patience for rude children who act as if they're entitled to be disrespectful.

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